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More quotes

Trying to get this community going with some more great quotes from the show :D

Bently: I look like a raisin!
Flynn: I wouldn't say that...prune maybe

Drafsak: *to Max* Shut up your Highness!

Drafsak: *to Dromsterdy who is shooting at Verigreens* Don't do that! Let him fly around and then shoot him! That's what I call sport!

Godfrey: As Mr Motivator would say, 'Lets Do It'!

(OMG no one will remember who Mr Motivator is XD)

Queen Catheter: Your machine is a disaster Drafsak!
Drafsak: Did i say it was my machine? YOUR machine is a disaster Synapse! As of now you're back to mending bicycles!

Synapse: The Queen may give us a medal if we succeed
Drafsak: Yes she might, but she'll certainly nail our feet to the floor if we fail...

Drafsak: One day i'll look back on all this and find it hysterical...

Damn i can't think of any good lines for Thug or Wasabi and they're my fave characters X(

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