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Wow, an Insektors LJ community! Man I LOVE this show...I don't know about the french version but the UK version kicked ass. it rivalled Dangermouse and Wallace and Gromit with it's very british scripted humor.

some fave lines: Remember theses are from the UK TRANSLATION. :D

Alex: *to Flynn who's toying with his new colour gun/guitar* You be careful with that, unlike you it's very sensative

Flynn: I call this one 'I love you so much I can't finish my sprouts'

Alex: What goes on in your head apart from food, fighting and jokes?
Flynn: I don't know, but I could murder a sausage
Alex: *humph*
Flynn: No really, i call this next one 'Moonlight befalls you because you look better in the dark!'

Flynn: *talking about a Tulip* I think we should call it Alex because it's tall, skinny and got a REALLY big head!
Alex: If you don't shut up I'll hit you with this hoe
Flynn: My little sister, beautiful, brainy with a terrific left hook!

Prince Max: However you look at it I'm having a terrible day!

Bently: Call this a concert? i've had more fun at Wiggin's Job centre ¬¬

Alex: A plague of frogs? Possitively Biblical!

Iiiii'll think of more when I'm not tired out of my mind. Any more quotes would be appreciated...thumbs up to the club!

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