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Oogie Boogie first post

FLIPPING HECK I found an Insektors community? OH WOW
I rediscovered this show while going through a list of old shows they had on the ABC. I watched a few episodes and realised I could remember the characters saying exactly those things that they said. (it was pretty much my favourite show when I was a kid)
Anyway, I'm Lombie, I draw fanart, not of this fandom much but that'll soon change. ;)
Nice to meet you all~
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Download Insektors - UK/NA Version

Today I was going to watch my v. v. v. old Insektors video, but somehow its disappeared, and I have a feeling that my mum sold it at a car boot ):

So after much searching of the Internets, I came across a torrent of the ENTIRE SERIES in both NA and UK versions.
You can download the NA or UK torrent here

Individual episodes to download can be found here

I am not to be held responsible for uploading files, yadayadaya~


Hope this helps those like me that cant watch the original videos!
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Ooh my goodness.

So, someone posted to one of the communities that I'm in with an Insektors icons... I had to check out his/her profile and found his community. Just wow. I was obsessed with Insektors as a kid. I watched it on the Canadian channel YTV, which showed the American dub. I can't believe there are other people who have heard of the show and like enough to make a community. Glad to be here!

More Fanart

I'm back with more fanart.  This time I used coloured pencils.  My old scanner kind of reduced the quality, but I think they still turned out alright.

Anyway I hope you enjoy them.


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I promised I would be posting some fanart. And here it is.  I only have one image done so far.  It is of the Great Pyro and baby Fulgor (or Godfrey and Flynn in the UK version).  I coloured it on the computer. I hope everyone likes it.  I will be posting again with more fanart soon.

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Longtime Insektors fan

Hi I am a new member and a longtime fan of insektors.  I use to watch it (the north American version) all the time as a kid.
Its nice to see there are other insektors fans out there.  I don't have much to say right now.  I  will be posting again soon with some fanart that I am currently working on. Bye.
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More quotes

Trying to get this community going with some more great quotes from the show :D

Bently: I look like a raisin!
Flynn: I wouldn't say that...prune maybe

Drafsak: *to Max* Shut up your Highness!

Drafsak: *to Dromsterdy who is shooting at Verigreens* Don't do that! Let him fly around and then shoot him! That's what I call sport!

Godfrey: As Mr Motivator would say, 'Lets Do It'!

(OMG no one will remember who Mr Motivator is XD)

Queen Catheter: Your machine is a disaster Drafsak!
Drafsak: Did i say it was my machine? YOUR machine is a disaster Synapse! As of now you're back to mending bicycles!

Synapse: The Queen may give us a medal if we succeed
Drafsak: Yes she might, but she'll certainly nail our feet to the floor if we fail...

Drafsak: One day i'll look back on all this and find it hysterical...

Damn i can't think of any good lines for Thug or Wasabi and they're my fave characters X(
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You are not alone

Wow, an Insektors LJ community! Man I LOVE this show...I don't know about the french version but the UK version kicked ass. it rivalled Dangermouse and Wallace and Gromit with it's very british scripted humor.

some fave lines: Remember theses are from the UK TRANSLATION. :D

Alex: *to Flynn who's toying with his new colour gun/guitar* You be careful with that, unlike you it's very sensative

Flynn: I call this one 'I love you so much I can't finish my sprouts'

Alex: What goes on in your head apart from food, fighting and jokes?
Flynn: I don't know, but I could murder a sausage
Alex: *humph*
Flynn: No really, i call this next one 'Moonlight befalls you because you look better in the dark!'

Flynn: *talking about a Tulip* I think we should call it Alex because it's tall, skinny and got a REALLY big head!
Alex: If you don't shut up I'll hit you with this hoe
Flynn: My little sister, beautiful, brainy with a terrific left hook!

Prince Max: However you look at it I'm having a terrible day!

Bently: Call this a concert? i've had more fun at Wiggin's Job centre ¬¬

Alex: A plague of frogs? Possitively Biblical!

Iiiii'll think of more when I'm not tired out of my mind. Any more quotes would be appreciated...thumbs up to the club!
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I am going to be very surprised if this community gets members and posts.

I would also be very happy. :D I CAN'T BE ALONE IN THIS FANDOM.
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